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NZ Herald: Harvard Business Review on avoiding groupthink in the boardroom

Henri Eliot: Harvard Business Review on avoiding groupthink in the boardroom By Henri Eliot 9:25 AM Friday Oct 28, 2016 Group decision-making should ensure groups aggregate the information their members actually have. Photo / 123RF Boards may make better decisions if directors have some understanding of the psychology of decision-making. In an article in Harvard Business Review, […]

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Idealog: Evaluating your board strategy

How to assess your strategy in the boardroom. Strategic planning is intended to accomplish three important tasks: to clarify the outcomes that an organisation wishes to achieve; to select the broad strategies that will enable the organisation to achieve those outcomes; to identify ways to measure progress Looking at the often packed board agendas, there are […]

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Idealog: Boards: Striking the right balance between risk and reward

“Risk management” is often synonymous with “risk prevention.” Lower risk often means lower returns for those invested in the share market or managing a start up. Today’s risk managers often see their role as helping the company identify and clarify their risk appetite then communicate it across the oraganisation to guide decision making. What role […]

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