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Idealog: Cyber security and your board

Cyber security and your board By HENRI ELIOT, 05 Sep 2017 The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has released its first ASX 100 Cyber Health Check Report: Capturing the opportunities while managing the threats, which gauges how Australia’s largest publicly listed company boards view and manage their exposure to the rapidly evolving cyber world. The information is applicable […]

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Idealog: Global trends in corporate governance

Global trends in corporate governance By HENRI ELIOT, 20 Jul 2017 Increasingly, corporate governance is being looked at as the measure of a company’s future prospects, writes Board Dynamics CEO Henri Eliot. “Corporate governance is now widely established as a measure of how well companies are run. Investors use corporate governance as a bellwether for […]

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NZ Herald: : Board member, we’re watching you!

Gone are the days of the rubber-stamp board meeting. Companies suffer greatly when independent board members don’t ask the tough questions, and don’t hold executives accountable for not just the profit margins but also the ethics of the company. An important lesson: a complacent board jeopardises a company’s future. Boards need to change, and serving […]

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NZ Herald: Embracing environmental, social and governance issues

Henri Eliot: Embracing environmental, social and governance issues 29 Jun, 2017 1:11pm Companies with higher ESG ratings are, on average, outperforming their peers. Photo / 123RF NZ Herald By: Henri Eliot In the May-June 2017 Harvard Business Review, Professor Emeritus Joseph Bower and Professor Lynn Paine argue for a company-centred model of governance that recognises […]

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