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Board Evaluation

Get a new perspective on growth

An outside evaluation gives you real insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and risk factors that affect your board.

Better boards make better companies

Board Reviews are essential for effective governance and minimising risk.

BUT we know Board Reviews are painful, time-consuming, and often ineffective.

Board Dynamics Online confidential online review process is fast, easy, and provides valuable insight.

Our board evaluation process involves:


  • Assessment

    This stage is designed to find out how your board works and identify strengths, weaknesses, and pressing issues.

    • Each board member completes a online confidential survey.
    • We follow up with individual interviews to gain context and extra feedback.
  • Analysis

    During this stage, any major issues facing your board become apparent.

    • Survey and interview results are collated and analysed.
    • Consistent themes or issues are identified.
    • A summary report containing both qualitative and quantitative data is presented to the board.
  • Action

    The final stage is about planning for the future and solving any problems we uncover in your board evaluation. After results are presented to the board, we work together to develop a concrete action plan with agreed outcomes and timeframes.


“I have often wondered about the utility of board reviews which often seem a bit cumbersome.
Using the Board Dynamics Online Board Review was quick, simple and effective.”

Rob Campbell professional director
Chairman Sky City Entertainment Group, Summerset Group and Tourism Holdings, NZX listed companies

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