Board Services

Board Establishment

Grow your business from a strong foundation

Give your business the best possible start by establishing an effective board.

Board Dynamics’ establishment services ensure you get the right mix of skills, knowledge and personalities to help your business grow. Whether you’re starting your first board or replacing an existing one, our services can help make sure it’s successful. We also work to future proof your board so it grows with your business.

Building your board

How we help you build a great board:

  • Help clarify your options and establish the scope of your board – from advisory to governance.
  • Develop a set of requirements around the diversity and specialty skill sets your business needs.
  • Work with you to find people who meet your needs in terms of personality, skills, and experience.

Fit for the future

Here’s how we help future-proof your board:

  1. Gain a clearer understanding of the role of your board and it’s part in your growth.
  2. Develop and implement a clear, concise plan for the future including succession planning, selecting new Directors or chairs, and creating a strong skillset matrix.


Services Offered By Board Dynamics

Board Establishment

Build the right board from the start, so your business grows now and into the future.

Board Evaluation

Understand your strengths, mitigate your risks, and focus on growth.

Board Appointment

Keep your board at the cutting edge with next generation directors.

Dispute Resolution

Learn about our mediation, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution services for your board.