Get a board that works for your business

Our board services are all designed to do one thing – give your business a board that works. We can help establish a new board, evaluate a current one, develop the skills and knowledge of your board members, and even help resolve conflict in your board.

Our vast experience in managing and supporting boards – both in NZ and internationally – gives us a unique perspective and a fresh approach. We stay current on global hot topics through training at Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge University.  We don’t believe in ticking boxes or following set rules for their own sake – we work with you to structure, manage, and support your board so it benefits your business.

What We Offer

Board Establishment

Build the right board from the start, so your business grows now and into the future.

Board Evaluation

Understand your strengths, mitigate your risks, and focus on growth.

Board Appointment

Keep your board at the cutting edge with next generation directors.

Dispute Resolution

Learn about our mediation, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution services for your board.