Great boards
make for
great businesses

Board Establishment | Board Evaluation | Board Appointment | Dispute Resolution

But what makes a great board?

It isn’t about following the rules and ticking the boxes – it’s about the people. Ensuring you have the right mix of personalities and expertise, facilitated by a culture of mutual respect, trust, and importantly, constructive dissent.

Board Dynamics helps create great boards and businesses through independent, external perspectives – click here to read more.

How We Can Help

Evaluating your board

You manage what you measure – it’s an adage because it’s true. Talk to us about custom, confidential board evaluations that will help you understand your strengths, mitigate your risks, and focus on growth.

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Establishing the right board

Finding the right mix of personalities, skills, and experience for your board nearly always means looking outside of your networks. Read more here about how we build the right board from the start, so your business grows now and into the future.

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Board Appointment

Growing your board’s effectiveness is all about getting the right board dynamics.  We will find the right directors for your board.  Click here for your next director or chair appointment .

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Mediation and conflict resolution

If your constructive dissent has devolved into hostility and bickering, talk to us sooner rather than later. Click here for more on our mediation, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution services for your board.

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“Without leadership, there can be no governance.  Without governance, leadership will fail”