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Diversity urged for boards

Diversity urged for boards By Laurel Stowell 6:26 AM Friday Oct 10, 2014 Board Dynamics chief executive Henri Eliot joined the call for collaboration by telling attendees what made for a good governance board. He said boards needed diversity – of age, race, sex and skills – and should not be “pale, male and stale”. Board […]

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Idealog: How to save your board meetings from being swamped by ‘history’ How to save your board meetings from being swamped by ‘history’ What do your board meetings look like? Do investors focus on their smartphones or tablets while the CEO plods through every slide in the deck? The truth is, most board meetings are not as effective as they should be. I have sat through […]

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NZ Herald: : Board papers demystified

Henri Eliot: Board papers demystified 9:30 AM Monday Sep 8, 2014 Board papers are a critical part of the governance process and are used to describe the business items for a board meeting. They are usually prepared by the organisations CEO and/or senior management team. These papers are treated as business confidential. Board papers are produced […]

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