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Idealog: Boards: Striking the right balance between risk and reward

“Risk management” is often synonymous with “risk prevention.” Lower risk often means lower returns for those invested in the share market or managing a start up. Today’s risk managers often see their role as helping the company identify and clarify their risk appetite then communicate it across the oraganisation to guide decision making. What role […]

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Idealog: Inside the Boardroom: Top tips on improving board performance

Over the years, I have personally witnessed some very unproductive board meetings that waste director’s time, management’s time and shareholders’ money. Company director productivity will continue to be a relevant topic with increased workloads, compliance issues becoming more complex and a greater focus on risk management. Boards should regularly question the cost of a board […]

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Idealog: Personality dynamics: making the most of creative tension in the boardroom

Personality dynamics: making the most of creative tension in the boardroom By HENRI ELIOT, 27 Oct 2015 A board whose directors are constantly bickering will not function effectively, but neither will one that never questions decisions. Rigorous debate or “creative tension” is an accepted part of the process in sound decision-making but the nature of […]

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Idealog: Are we in a bubble?

 Are we in a bubble? By HENRI ELIOT, 28 Sep 2015 Henri Eliot talks to Rob Campbell, former trade unionist now chair of NZX-listed Summerset Group, Tourism Holdings and P2P lender Harmoney, about economic bubbles – what they are, how do they happen, and are we in one right now? Henri Eliot:Are we in a […]

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