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Board Development

Keep your board at the cutting edge

Make sure your board keeps up with emerging issues and potential risk factors with Board Dynamics’ development programmes.

Designed to engage your entire board, our development programmes are topical and relevant. Facilitated by subject matter experts, they energise your board, promote cohesion, and keep you up to date with the changing world.

Development topics include:

Communication and Decision Making in the boardroom

This helps establishes effective communication and processes to ensure robust discussion and productive debate in the boardroom. This includes:

  • Setting effective board agendas.
  • Increasing communication between meetings.
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities for directors.

Strategy, risk, and social media

Has your board assessed the potential benefits and risks of social media on corporate strategy? This programme helps you understand and explore the uses and pitfalls of different types of social media. The programme includes:

  • The use of social media in boardroom strategy and risk management.
  • Actionable advice on the board’s role as a strategic advisor in relation to social media and emerging technologies.

Emerging issues in the Boardroom

Make sure your board keeps up with emerging issues. We run a series of engaging updates on current issues that impact businesses and boards. You choose the programmes relevant to your organisation.

Topics include:

  • Doing business in Asia: Opportunities and Risks.
  • Cyber Security: Managing increasing risk.
  • Changing Legislation: What Directors need to know.
  • Transitioning from Private to Listed Company – and beyond.
  • Health and Safety: Good Governance practices to manage risk.

Services Offered By Board Dynamics

Board Establishment

Build the right board from the start, so your business grows now and into the future.

Board Evaluation

Understand your strengths, mitigate your risks, and focus on growth.

Board Development

Stay up-to-date, implement leading board practices, and refresh their knowledge of the essentials.

Dispute Resolution

Learn about our mediation, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution services for your board.